England has established itself as one of the countries with more demand for nurses and health professionals.

One of the most repeated questions is whether hospitals get English courses, if hospitals put you a translator, or just if you can work with a medium english level. The answer to all these questions is no. You have to have a good level of English. Understand everything, you understand everything and be right to write.

You may have to write all kinds of letters to the GP of your patients, to your local nurse for hospice services. Official letters that have to be correct. Plus, you’ll often answer the phone to people with very different accents. Let that without an acceptable level of English you’re going to be very difficult, if not virtually impossible.

If what you need is technical language, there are some books that can help. One very good not only technical vocabulary to get to know a little but as techniques and procedures are performed is the Royal Marsden Manual. It is a reference book that can serve you even if your English is good. Then any specific nursing book will be worth your specialty and reading different articles and magazines of all kinds.

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