The U.S. is famous for its breathtaking landmarks. It’s difficult to think of America without thinking about its iconic features both natural and manmade, like the Yellowstone Caldera or the Statue of Liberty. America is a big country with big ideas, and it has the landmarks to match! This week, the spotlight is on two geological wonders: the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. 


The Grand Canyon is one of the most studied landscapes in the entire world, owing to its unique geological structure, rich archaeological history, and vast fossil records. The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most visited national parks in America, and it’s really no surprise why. The Grand Canyon is truly marvellous to behold. It’s difficult to believe that its richly coloured layers are the handiwork of the mighty Colorado River, and not a giant with a talent for ceramic artistry!


In terms of sheer scale, there really is no match for the Grand Canyon. However, for a manmade structure, the size of Mount Rushmore is still seriously impressive. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a colossal sculpture of the heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It is one of the few colossal sculptures in the world that has been carved out of granite. Dynamite was used to aid the sculpting process, making this one of the most explosive national monuments in American history! Each head measures at about 18 metre (60 feet) tall. Artist Gutzon Borglum chose to depict these presidents in stone because they represent the nation’s birth, growth, development, and preservation respectively. 


These two enormous geological features represent the many astounding natural and manmade monuments which are so deeply symbolic of American history and culture. If you had to choose, which one would you see first? For more insights into what your American destination has to offer, browse our other blog articles here: