These are the 11 steps that our team will take you through :
  1. Complete the USCIS application and gather the necessary documentation. You must have certification from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) or have successfully completed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).
  1. Our attorney will prepare the necessary paperwork and file your petition with USCIS
  1. You will receive the “Receipt Notice’ from the USCIS. This notice will contain contact information where you can check the status of your petition online.
  1. You will receive an Approval Notice when your petition is approved by the USCIS
  1. The USCIS will forward your petition to the National Visa Centre (NVC)
  1. You will receive a “Choice of Agent’ form, where you will assigne your designated agent. This form needs to be completed and returned to the NVC
  1. A “Fee Bill’ will be sent to your Designated Agent.
  1. Once payment has been received by the NVC, Packet “3′ will be sent to your Designated Agent. Follow the instructions on Packet “3′ carefully.
  2. Complete Packet “3′, gather the necessary documentation and return the packet to NVC.
  3. Your Embassy will arrange an interview. Here is what is required at the interview:

Medical Exam (for all applicants listed in Packet “3′)

Fingerprints (for all applicants listed in Packet “3′)

Visa Screen Certificate (issued after all exams are passed and documentation sent to International Commission on Healthcare Professions)

Current job offer letter

11. Your Visa will be issued and you will be permitted to enter the US anytime in the next 6 month

The process to obtain an Immigrant Visa usually takes between 12 and 18 months from the date the petition is filed.

*Note that there can be variances in these procedural steps depending upon the country of departure or the US Consulate post