Adevia Health has an excellent reputation amongst prestigious US hospitals. Over the past few years we have recruited nurses into specialities which include geriatric care, intensive care, general medical and emergency room (ER)

Adevia has many new vacancies for Healthcare Professionals every week, please find them listed below and come back regularly to check the new ones.

Recent Positions
Burns Nurse in [Winston Salem, ]
Dialysis Nurse in [Winston Salem, ]
ER / A&E Nurse in [Winston Salem, ]
OR / Theatre Nurse in [Winston Salem, ]
Medical / Surgical in [Winston Salem, $55k – $70k]
Top rated East Coast Hospital is looking for Medical / Surgical Nurses.

US Nursing Jobs by Category
Note that the number in brackets represents the number of client hospitals with vacancies and not the number of actual vacancies. Typically these large healthcare systems hire several teams of nurses in each speciality

— A&E/Trauma [10]
•— Aesthetics/Cosmetics [0]
•— Cardiac/Cardiology [2]
•— Critical Care [10]
•— Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) [0]
•— General Medical & Surgical [12]
•— Mental Health [1]
•— Midwifery/Gynaecology [1]
•— Nursing Home/Elderly Care/Community/Primary Health [2]
•— Oncology/Palliative Care/Hospice [0]
•— Organ Transplant [0]
•— Paediatrics [0]
•— Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist [11]
•— Renal/Haematology/Urology [1]
•— Theatre/OR [8]

Adevia Health is a leading international recruitment company specialising in the permanent recruitment of US registered nurses for US nursing jobs.

Assistance and training are provided to qualified nurses with meeting all of the requirements to nurse in the United States of America.