Seventh Birthday for MU Immigrations excellent blog


We recently received news from our immigrations attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio.

MU Immigration took some time off from the usual updates on healthcare immigration and pointed out that their blog is seven years old. The first blog post was on March 27, 2006 . At that time, few immigration law blogs existed. The idea of a blog with such a narrow focus seemed a little naive, but thanks to a regular readership, the blog has thrived.
Within a couple of years readership immediately doubled and now the blog regularly attracts 10,000 monthly page views, sometimes doubling or tripling that number. The current iteration of the blog (since 2009) has attracted about a half million page views, which is a number that MU Immigration never would have thought was possible in March 2006.

At Adevia USA we have always found the blog regular, intelligent and informative
It is accessible through a number of channels.

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