NCLEX 15 Report Card

The NCLEX 15 course provides an intensive tuition system and takes the nurse through a 15 part program before the exam.

Your progress is monitored by our NCLEX tutor, Dorcas or one of her team and you will be emailed a weekly report card.

Study materials are provided online.

Detail – A Typical Week

For example begins on a Monday when you receive a list of the chapters, online resources and Youtube lectures that will cover a given subject area. Two days later on Wednesday you will receive the link to the exam on this subject. This link will expire at midnight the following Sunday.

The online exam will be 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 120 minutes. Other than being tested on the subject this also gets the nurses back in the habit of sitting an exam under time pressure.

The following Monday you will receive your Report Card which gives:

1) Last Week’s Exam

Your percentage score

A two or three line brief analysis of weaknesses and what should be done to address them. Comment on whether you are on track or not.

Over the 15 week period this builds a graph whereby you can track your progress. Click below to download and see an example of a Report Card (she passed in less than an hour).

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NCLEX 15 Sample Report Card

2) New Material

New subject areas to be rigorously studied for the impending exam to be taken by the following Sunday.


This is an intensive course that takes place over a 15 week period. It is designed for a ‘nurse in a hurry’ who has a clear idea of his/her US objectives and dedication to follow the course. We do not recommend it for nurses who have decided on a longer study period because of work commitments or domestic reasons.


This course is heavily subsidised (will cost at least Cedi 1,180) however we ask our nurses for a contribution of Cedi 475 and can be paid over three months if preferred. Reason: if you have invested money in the course then you are committed to it.


More information and to set this up. Contact Grace Dadzie, our Ghana Country Director.


Skype (Live): gracecom222

Phone: +233 201 514 442 (also WhatsApp)