For the international nurse reducing worry is approaching the NCLEX in a rigorous and disciplined fashion. Importantly, the limited preparation time should be valued and not wasted.. Use the best NCLEX preparation books, practice exams (test prep). You could even find someone who has passed and can act as a tutor, or at least a mentor. Such things can make all the difference in cruising through the study and exam or it coming to am uncomfortable end and embraces failure. There are a multitude of courses. Please go to our Courses section for our thoughts on these.

As Lao Tzu said “This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. You are a successful and busy nurse, perhaps with children. When will you find the time? Don’t procrastinate ! Once you get started, you only have to do one step at a time. Getting started is by far the hardest part.

Do not be complacent! Create a test study plan starting at least 6 weeks before your exam date. If you have more time between now and your exam date then leverage that to your advantage and begin preparing now

Avoid mistakes, take a piece of paper and write the objective and state the plan After all this is the nursing career you’ve been dedicating your life and a small fortune in college tuition to achieve. You may very well need a few extra weeks of solid prep time in order to pass.

Your NCLEX schedule should be at least 5 days per week and at least 1-2 hours each preparation session. It’s a productive tactic to take a day off each week to clear your mind and recharge the batteries.

Review areas of NCLEX-RN where you’re the weakest in the first 3 weeks. An investment of time in your weaker areas will often help boost your score two or three times faster than going over areas you feel you’re better acquainted with.

It is essential to maintain focus and motivation during this preparation for the NCLEX exam. By so doing you will increase the likelihood of success. Like an Olympic athlete visualize a goal and your goal is of passing NCLEX review. To do this continuously seeing yourself taking your test with confidence, competence and getting a passing score.

Schedule blocks of uninterrupted time when reviewing for the NCLEX. The reason avoiding interruptions is so important is that once your concentration is broken, it can take you up to 30 minutes to get your brain warmed up again and get into the same flow of concentration you need for highly effective test prep. If you get interrupted often you’re productivity will be cut in half. It could take you twice as long to study in order to pass the NCLEX. More over, you don’t want to risk not being prepared because your NCLEX-RN review was not good.

Finally, Adevia USA knows nurses who have passed the NCLEX who are all over the world. They have been taught nursing differently to in the USA, sometimes do not even speak English as their mother tongue, the nurse may have children, a working husband, ZERO time to study and doing 5 x 12 hour night shifts per week. Yet with fortitude, diligence and sheer drive they make it.