Hello everyone!  I’m Grace, a Registered Nurse from Nigeria. I recently visited Adevia Health’s Intensive NCLEX Review (INR) center and I am here to tell you about my wonderful experience!

From stepping off the plane at the Johannesburg airport to writing the NCLEX-RN exam, Adevia Health has been a pillar of support for me through every step of my process.

When landing at the airport, I was greeted immediately by an Adevia Health representative holding a board featuring their logo and my name. The driver ensured I had all my luggage and drove me straight to the center. This truly set my mind at ease as I could see the efforts they were going to, to ensure my comfort. 

When arriving at the INR, I was shown my room and given a moment to unpack. Everyone was incredibly friendly and greeted me when I arrived, instantly making me feel welcome. After my arrival, I even had a one-on-one conversation with the head tutor, Lene, who showed me around.

While staying there, it was clear to see that our comfort and understanding were their top priority. We were provided with breakfast every morning and then began our first study session at 8 a.m with the two most dedicated and experienced tutors, Lene and Base. They took us through 3 study sessions throughout the day, each between 2 and 2 and a ½ hours.

During these, they explained each concept thoroughly and we had the opportunity to ask any questions if we did not understand something. Even during our revision sessions after dinner, Lene and Base were always on hand when we needed help. We even got homework to do! 

I was nervous about writing my NCLEX-RN exam before coming to the INR, but the amount of attention given to tutoring us made me feel far more confident about writing! They even drove us from the INR center to the exam location and back, ensuring that we were fully looked after during our entire visit and didn’t have to worry about anything! 

Not only was the accommodation extremely comfortable, we also had lunch, tea, and supper breaks every day where all the food was prepared for us! The chef is brilliant, he made absolutely phenomenal food for every single meal! With breakfasts of scrambled eggs and flapjacks, chicken strips or a roast for lunch and spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie or pizza for dinner, we could not have been treated better! We were also given free time before supper where we could spend time relaxing and getting to know each other. I even jumped into the pool after our study sessions! By the end of the experience, I felt like part of a family. Everyone at the INR went above and beyond to give us 5-star treatment and support while we studied. 

Another fun, unexpected and enjoyable factor was the yoga sessions that we had three times a week. Two brilliant instructors came in and ran sessions focused on breathing, stretching, and staying relaxed. This really helped us calm our minds and mentally prepare to write the exam! It was a lovely treat! 

The INR is truly the perfect place for revision for the NCLEX-RN exam. 

Adevia health provided all the support I needed to feel confident. Without them, I don’t think my exam would have gone so smoothly. Thank you Adevia Health for being simply the best!