About nursing:

Q: Do you only recruit Registered Nurses, or can midwives apply?

A: We only recruit Registered Nurses to work overseas. Sometimes nurses and midwives have the same qualifications. Special arrangements can be made as it will depend on the experience and qualifications you have. Your country manager will be able to assist you further.

Language requirements:

A: Is the OET (Occupational English Test) accepted for English proficiency?

Q: No. Only the IELTS will qualify you for working in the U.S., and you must achieve a minimum score of 7 in the speaking band and 6.5 overall.

Q: When does my International English Language Test (IELTS) expire?

A: It will expire after 2 years.

Q: When can I write my IELTS?

A: You can write your IELTS before your NCLEX. However, in our process, you would normally write it after you have passed your NCLEX. IELTS needs to be valid for 2 years.

About the NCLEX:

Q: What is the NCLEX-24 program?

A: The NCLEX-24 program is a program that Adevia Health has designed to prepare you to pass the NCLEX exam. This 24-week program includes a comprehensive study regime, timed online weekly exams, test results with feedback and progress charts.

Q: Can I take the NCLEX exam in my home country?

A: There are only certain countries where you can write the NCLEX-RN Exam. We advise our nurses to write it in their nearest location, for example, our African nurses to write in Johannesburg, our Middle East and Nepal nurses to write in London or India, and our nurses from the Philippines can write in their own country.

Q: Are there required times that I need to study during the NCLEX 24 Program?

A: No, but in order to succeed and pass the NCLEX-RN exam you would need to dedicate a few hours every day during the course.

About finance: 

Q: Will any application fees be deducted from my salary?

A: No, Adevia Health will not deduct any application fees from you.

Q: How much is the average cost of living for a family in the U.S?

A: You will spend an average of $800 – $1200 p/m on rent for a 2 – 3 bedroom house. Groceries and food will also average $250 – $400 per month, but remember each state is different and have different costs of livings. The salary offered by Adevia Health will be more than enough to cover your rent, food, entertainment, savings and still send money home to the family.

About work:

Q: Can I choose a state where I will practice my profession?

A: Yes, you can let us know where you would like to work and we will try our best to find your work as close to your desired location as possible.

Q: Are there age limits for nurses?

A: Yes, the age limit for General Nurses is 48 years, and 51 years for nurses with a specialty.

Q: If I need to do a transfer of shifts, then how long will the shifts need to be a week?

A: Shifts in an acute unit needs to be about 20 hours a week and for a year

Q: Will there be job opportunities if I have an Advanced diploma in RN?

A: Yes, there are job opportunities for you

Q: Do I get an increase in salary after each year?

A: Yes. 

About family: 

Q: Can I take my common-law partner with me?

A: No, you will need to be legally married to your partner.

Q: Can I immigrate with my family?

A: Yes, you can immigrate with your husband/wife and dependents under the age of 21.

Q: Will my partner get a work permit?

A: The Spousal permit allows your partner to work. 

Q: What about my children’s education?

A: Once you have been assigned to a hospital and state, we will assist you in finding schools in that area for your children.

Q: Should I take my family with me when I go?

A: We recommend that you stay 2/3 months first, as this can help you to prepare for your family to join you and ease their arrival while you also get settled into your new job.

Q: Does Adevia sponsor the family immigration visa?

A: No, we do not sponsor the family immigration visa, however, your family will be offered the chance to apply for the visa.

Q: Can my adopted child move with me?

A: Yes, if your child is legally adopted and under 21 years old, the child will qualify.

About the U.S process:

Q: What qualifications and experience do I need to join this program? 

A:  You will need to have the following qualifications: a valid nursing license and a Bachelor or Diploma in nursing. You will also need the following experience: 1-year experience minimum post qualification and you will need to be employed by a hospital with at least 80 beds at the time of the interview with US clients.

Q: How much is it to be fast-tracked?

A: $2500

Q: In terms of work visas for the United States, which visa category will you be sponsoring me (L1B, H1B, etc.)?

A: EB3 visa, which gives skilled workers permanent residency in the USA. Please note, Adevia does not provide work permits.

Q: How long does the whole process take?

A: The process takes on average 18-24 months.

Q: When will I be interviewed?

A: During the immigration process, our U.S recruitment company in Atlanta will interview you and provide you with a conditional job offer.

About U.S accommodation:

Q: Will you arrange accommodation when I arrive in the U.S?

A: We will arrange accommodation and pay for the first month’s rent.