Nursing in
the USA

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Adevia Health offers many exciting nursing opportunities in the USA. We are here to guide you through the process and get you nursing in America.


A significant step in a nursing career. To achieve it Adevia will invest heavily in a progression of stages. Principly these embrace periodic candidate screening, an intensive tutor led NCLEX program, US immigration and Transition to US practice. The process naturally involves frequent contact with staff in Cape Town, Adevia Africa in Nairobi (Central Admin and NCLEX Prep) and our office in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). All locations work together closely with the clear objective of transferring experienced, talented nurses to rewarding positions in America.


  • Valid nursing license
  • Bachelor or Diploma in Nursing (Registered / General nurses) (with paediatrics, mental health and maternity)
  • IELTS / TOEFL (can be taken after the NCLEX)


  • 1-year experience minimum post-qualification
  • Employed by a hospital with at least 100 beds at the time of the interview with US clients (once you have passed the NCLEX)
    (if the hospital in which you practice has less than 100 beds please discuss with Adevia. You will probably need to do some locums)

USA Process