Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world, owed in part to the neighborhood of Hollywood, a.k.a the centre of the motion picture industry. LA truly is the home of the rich and famous! 


But that doesn’t mean a humble nurse can’t make a very comfortable home here. LA is a great place to live. For one, it’s one of the most culturally diverse cities in America (second only to New York City). With so many ethnic enclaves like Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, and Tehrangeles, the food scene in LA is endlessly exciting and richly variable and the city is no stranger to international travellers making a home here. 


When you move to LA, you’ll never be bored…wherever you find yourself in this enormous city, there is bound to be something to do. Art galleries, museums, and clubs abound and, for the outdoorsy types, there are breathtaking mountains to hike, beautiful beaches to surf, and sprawling deserts to explore. Luckily, the weather is also sunny and warm for more than half the year, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this abundance of natural beauty!


Finally, living in LA means that you have access to LAX – which means that almost every destination in the world just became accessible to you. Visiting family or friends in other parts of the world just became a whole lot faster and simpler than ever before! 


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