The Centennial State is often referred to as “Colourful Colorado”. It is one of the most rapidly expanding states in the nation. Denver, its capital, is home to more than 700,000 inhabitants. This explosive growth shows the great standard of life in Colorado. The astonishing beauty of the state, progressive policies, the variety of outdoor activities and tasty meals make Colorado an irresistible place to live

Cost of living:

If a nurse wanted to rent a 3-bedroom house, it would cost $1,440 on average per month, while a mortgage will cost $1,000 for the same house. Financing a car in Chicago would cost on average $330 per month. The average food cost per person is $240 per month. Therefore, a nurse who commutes to Colorado will roughly spend between $2,000-$2,500 per month on housing, food, car upkeep and other essential expenses. Nurses placed through Adevia’s program can expect to net $4,200 a month, allowing them to cover their living expenses comfortably and still have money for their family.


Colorado has a wide variety of educational services, ranging from preschool to college education. The average private school tuition in Colorado is approximately $789 per month. The private elementary school average is $635 per month and the private high school average is $1,103 per month.



The state of Colorado has a large number of quality hospitals. The UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital was ranked the top hospital in the state of Colorado. The state’s major hospitals include Porter Adventist Hospital, SCL Health Saint Joseph Hospital, and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.


Colorado is an all-season destination that draws in residents to the peaks and valleys to its city life. Colorado is most famous for their mountains providing spectacular hikes. The state is also known for a wide variety of outdoor experiences such as biking or river rafting. The Union Station, complete with restaurants, bars and cafes, may be visited by nurses. Nurses can also visit food halls and markets, vibrant theatre and arts, and laid-back nightlife. There is no lack of recreational opportunities, however busy you might be.


Colorado’s music, dance, theatre and visual arts organizations are known for presenting popular masterpieces and innovative new works. The state of Denver receives plenty of recognition from leading museums such as the Denver Art Gallery, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. In the canyons west of Denver, Red Rocks Park has a huge natural amphitheatre that hosts several festivals and musical events. The state’s rich legacy of stellar cultural performances, shows and art festivals ensures that nurses have plenty of activities to visit. 

Those who are residents of the state already know why so many find it attractive. Colorado, as the country’s second fastest-growing county, is no longer a secret treasure, but a desirable place for many nurses. From the high quality of life, to beautiful weather and a vibrant environmentally friendly and healthy culture, the state has a lot to offer!