With its spectacular skyline reaching across the waters of the freshwater Lake Michigan, Chicago is easy to locate as the Midwest’s hub, a remarkable city that exposes world-class museums, sandy beaches, massive parks, public art, and a buzzing downtown. Jazz, blues, and house music are among the city’s most well-known musical genres. 

Cost of living:

If a nurse wanted to rent a 3-bedroom house, it would cost $1,190 on average per month, while a mortgage will cost $1,030 for the same house. Financing a car in Chicago would cost on average $540 per month. The average food cost per person is $300 per month which is similar to Minneapolis or Miami. Therefore, a nurse who commutes to Chicago will roughly spend between $1,800-$2,200 per month on housing, food, car upkeep and other essential expenses. Nurses placed through Adevia’s program can expect to net $4,200 a month, allowing them to cover their living expenses comfortably and send still send money home to the family.


Chicago, Illinois has a wide variety of educational services, ranging from preschool to college education. The average private school tuition in Chicago is approximately $600 per month. The private elementary school average is $520 per month and the private high school average is $830 per month.


The city of Chicago has a large number of quality hospitals. The Northwestern Memorial Hospital was ranked the top hospital in the state of Illinois. The city’s major hospitals include Rush University Medical Center, University of Chicago Medical Center, and Loyola University Medical Center.


Chicago is a place with world-class events and activities that appeal to residents of all ages. Bus tours are a great way to explore the city while doing unique activities at the same time. The “Big Bus Tour Chicago” and the “See it all Chicago” mini bus tours are popular activities to do in the city. The Skydeck Chicago, Navy Pier and Millennium Park are all must-sees! Chicago has well-known helicopter tours of the Willis Tower and skydiving excursions. Chicago is also home to renowned race tracks where you can get behind the wheel and drive a NASCAR or supercar.


The city of Chicago is famed for the creation or popularity of many performing arts, including improvisational comedy, hip hop, gospel, and soul music. The Chicago School and Prairie School of architecture are well-known in the area. It retains a long and proud history of classical music, dance, and performing arts, as well as other practices carried out by its diverse population. The city is also notorious for deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and Italian beef sandwiches.

Chicago has everything you would want in an international city—beautiful architecture, incredible food and entertainment, and a legacy of global contributions to literature, music, and technology. Add to that the idyllic lakeside setting and vibrant community of pleasant citizens. Now it’s your chance to explore this spectacular city!