Cardiovascular Professionals Week is celebrated from 13 – 19 February in recognition of healthcare professionals who work in cardiovascular care. As the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals (ACVP) puts it, cardiovascular care might properly be considered the soul of healthcare. For this reason and others, the theme of Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2022 is “Heart and Soul”. A fitting holiday to commemorate the experts who keep our hearts beating.   


Let’s get to the heart of the matter – cardiovascular healthcare is especially significant because it is concerned with one of the body’s major organs, the heart. While we all understand the clinical significance of this extraordinary muscle, this year’s theme also invites us to reflect on its figurative significance. 


The human heart features as an important cultural symbol in almost all societies in the world. English speakers also frequently make use of metaphorical phrases like “tugging at the heartstrings”, “broken-hearted”, or “lionheart”. Our language reflects that we tend to feel powerful emotions like pity, sadness, and bravery in our hearts. It is, quite literally, the centre of our emotional universe!


On a different note, cardiovascular technology is truly something remarkable to behold. Pacemakers, defibrillators, heart rate monitors, echocardiography, and electrocardiography (EKG) are all devices and technologies which have vastly improved the quality and longevity of patients’ lives since their invention. Patients with poor cardiovascular health often arrive in the care of cardiovascular professionals in the worst moments of their life – pale, scared, and in pain – and so the work of these professionals is absolutely critical. Like so many healthcare professionals, they are not just responsible for their patients’ physical health…they are also responsible for their emotional wellbeing. 


Since the onset of COVID-19, cardiovascular patients have been made all the more vulnerable. Now more than ever, cardiovascular professionals have been pouring their own heart and soul into protecting the hearts of our communities, and we want to show them the recognition that they deserve. Cardiovascular professionals, this is your time to shine! 


From us at Adevia Health: our heartfelt thanks for being the pulse of our community! We appreciate you all!