Arizona is well-known for its mountains, canyons, and breathtaking natural scenery. From amazing natural wonders to delicious culinary experiences, the Grand Canyon State has some absolutely stunning moments to deliver. 

Cost of Living:

If a nurse wanted to rent a 3-bedroom house, it would cost $1,128 on average per month, while a mortgage will cost $1,080 for the same house. Financing a car in Chicago would cost on average $464 per month. The average food cost per person is $250 per month. Therefore, a nurse who commutes to Arizona will roughly spend between $2000 per month on housing, food, car upkeep and other essential expenses. Nurses placed through Adevia’s program can expect to net $4,200 a month, allowing them to cover their living expenses comfortably and still send money home to the family.


Arizona has a wide variety of educational services, ranging from preschool to college education. Nurses can educate their children in private or public schools. The average private school tuition in Arizona is approximately $870 per month whereas public schools are free. However, if your child would attend a public school, parents usually pay between $50 to $200 per month for stationery, after-school activities and other necessities for education. 


Arizona has a large number of quality hospitals. The Mayo ClinicHospital was ranked the top hospital in the state of Arizona. The city’s major hospitals include Banner Boswell Medical Center, Banner-University Medical Center, and Northwest Medical Center.


Nothing can compete with the awe-inspiring power of the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder is a memorable experience in the state. Arizona is great for people who enjoy outdoor activities. The locals are very much into hiking, biking, camping , golf and anything that involves being outside. Because there is so much focus on the landscape, restaurants offer large patios and healthy cuisine. It’s a destination that offers an easy combination of outdoor adventure and urban sophistication. Nurses can hike Horseshoe Bend or visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Nurses can also drive across the desert on Historic Route 66. Nurses can also watch a baseball game with Arizona’s Diamondbacks.


The culture in Arizona is very unique in that it combines the outdoors beauty, the native American and Hispanic cultures with a southwestern touch. The Native American culture is a large part of Arizona. The dances, music and art are one of a kind and very beautiful in this state. The Mexican culture is also very strong and there are large Hispanic neighborhoods in each city. Stores around the state will sell everything from traditional pottery and clothes to jewelry. Also, areas around Arizona are known for real authentic Mexican food. There are often Mexican fiestas with dancing and music and can be fun to see.

If you like the sun and southwest culture, Arizona is a great place to consider moving. It’s the perfect state to move with your family as it is easy to set down roots and explore all of the opportunities Arizona has to offer!