Who We Are

We are a boutique healthcare recruitment company based in central London with subsidiaries in other parts of the world. We specialize in nursing jobs in the USA and recruit for a select group of hospitals and agencies across America. All our facilities have good contracts, salaries and locations.

Our service includes sponsorship, guidance through licensure, the USCIS, NVC and importantly, the critical NCLEX exam. Through our eight-step plan, we aim to facilitate this advancement in the nurse’s career as seamlessly as possible. Since 2002 Adevia has placed many nurses (accompanied by their families) in high salaried satisfying jobs. Our understanding of US immigration systems is comprehensive and embraces all the key points right up to the family settling in well. Furthermore, we’ll even offer advice on which course to follow if the nurse wishes to progress academically. Hospital locations stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts as well as a fair number in southern Florida facing into the Mexican Gulf. Our hospitals care and monitor your progress and will ensure that you have a mentor for the first six weeks of your tenure.